DVD_ScreamPark[DVD: A ProtoMedia Film – 2012 – 84 mins]. The doors are closing for the last time at Fright Land amusement park. Tickets just aren’t selling and the park owner has just come up with a new plan. When two masked men slip inside the park after hours, the employees partying it up inside quickly become victims of the owner’s scheme. With their party crashed, the employees must find a way out before becoming part of the park’s gruesome new attraction. After tonight, the owner will have a brand new Scream Park… where death is the new attraction! ANDY SHINE SAYS: Filmed almost entirely at Conneaut Lake Park (Pennsylvania, USA) and featuring many rides and attractions including the coasters, this gruesome film had me, at times, turning from the screen and viewing through my fingers! ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.