RollerCoastersScottRutherford[Book: Scott Rutherford – 2003 – 26x26cm – 160 Pages – Full colour]. Was your first coaster experience in the 1940s when rattling woodies were hotter than the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra? Maybe it was in the 1970s when steel corkscrews assaulted hairstyles that were questionable to begin with? Whenever it was, millions fondly recall their first lump-in-the-throat ride. Chapter Points: Foreword; Introduction; Humble Beginning 1880s-1920; The Golden Years 1920-1940; Nuts and Bolts – How Coasters Work; Postwar Coastering 1945-1972; The Coaster Renaissance; New Age Coastering – Now and Beyond. [Originally published in 2000 as “The American Roller Coaster”]. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.