DVD_RoseIsland[DVD: Natural Concepts, Inc. – 2004 – 59 mins]. Join amateur historian Tom Chapman as he visits individuals who visited, worked at and even lived at Rose Island (Charlestown, Indiana), an amusement park that was touted as “A playground and pleasure resort unexcelled anywhere within the central states.” This collection of first person interviews is rich in historical photos, maps and images of the earlier Fern Grove Picnic Area, and Rose Island. As seen through the eyes of children, you’ll hear about the fun and wonders found there over 70 years ago. ANDY SHINE SAYS: 90% of this comprises footage of interviewees and their living rooms rather than images of the park and its attractions. Rose Island had a wooden roller coaster and other amusement rides but no such rides are shown, only the picnic areas, steamboats, etc. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Poor / Fair.