DVD_RollerCoaster1977[DVD: Universal City Studios – 1977 – 119 mins]. A determined terrorist begins to turn America’s amusement parks into battlefields. Tension mounts as affable safety inspector George Segal attempts to track down the saboteur (Timothy Bottoms) who has targeted the country’s most popular roller coaster, and its riders, for senseless destruction. The edge-of-your-seat excitement mounts as the battle of wits between Segal and Bottoms builds to an explosive climax. This widescreen presentation also has cast and film-maker’s biographies, film highlights, theatrical trailer and production notes. Carries optional English subtitles for the hearing impaired. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Filmed on location at Ocean View Park, Kings Dominion and Magic Mountain, and featuring footage of the rides and coasters, including: Rocket, Rebel Yell and The Great American Revolution. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.