ACE095[Magazine Vol.27/No.1: Fall 2005. 22x28cm – 56 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Coaster Con XXVIII (16 pages: ACE visits Six Flags Great America, Little A-Merrick-A, and Mt. Olympus). Photo Contest winners (2 pages). Nick Laskaris interview (4 pages: Mt. Olympus’ owner discusses Hades). “Whizzing Through the Years with Anton” (4 pages: Schwarzkopf Jet Racers). Part I – The Bolliger & Mabillard Story (16 pages: “In The Beginning= The Space Diver,” “1990= The First B&M Roller Coaster,” “1991= The Good Word Heads West,” “1992= When Everything Happened,” “1993= Another Breakthrough,” “1994= Across The Pond… Batman Goes Hollywood,” “1995= Across The Seas Again; The Imitations Arrive,” “1996= The Standup Returns, The Inverter Grows Up,” “1997= Breaking Loose,” “1998= Taking The Plunge… And Following The Stars”). La Ronde’s Le Monstre is 20 years old (4 pages). Knoebels’ Phoenix is 20 years old (3 pages: Playland’s reborn Rocket). Whippet Snippets (Jan Rush joins the team). 2 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Mt. Olympus’ “Hades.” Back cover: Six Flags Great America’s “Whizzer”]. [visit ACE]