ACE093[Magazine Vol.26/No.3: Spring 2005. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Knott’s Berry Farm’s Silver Bullet (3 pages). A Silver Bullet salute (a 3-page review). The lost roller coasters of Knott’s Berry Farm (2 pages: +Soap Box Derby Racers, Roaring 20s Corkscrew, and Windjammer). “Frank Hoover and the coasters of the PTC” (a 6-page historical feature about Philadelphia Toboggan Company’s finest builder). Michigan’s Adventure is 50 years old (a 10-page feature: +a centrefold poster of Shivering Timbers, etc.). Dollywood is 20 years old (an 8-page feature: 1961= Rebel Railroad, 1970= Goldrush Junction, 1977= Silver Dollar City, 1986= Dollywood). Behind the scenes of Dollywood’s Blazing Fury (a 2-page gallery). Germany’s small parks (8 pages: the attractions of Schloß Beck Freizeitpark, CentrO Park, and Fort Fun Abenteuerland). 4 ACE profiles. This issue features a half-page 2005 Spring Con group photo. [Front cover: Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Silver Bullet.” Back cover: Michigan’s Adventure’s “Shivering Timbers”]. [visit ACE]