ACE092[Magazine Vol.26/No.2: Winter 2005. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. Dollywood’s Thunderhead (a 14-page feature: opinions, similarly styled classic coasters, an insight into Great Coasters International Inc.’s Millennium Flyer rolling stock, +facts). Hersheypark’s Storm Runner (4 pages +facts). Timber Falls’ Avalanche (4 pages +facts). Universal Studios Orlando’s Revenge of the Mummy (4 pages: an explosive opening ceremony, a review +facts). Clementon Lake Park’s Tsunami (an 8-page feature: early beginnings, the ride +a review and facts). Fårup Sommerland’s Falken (4 pages: reviews and facts). Tivoli Gardens’ Dæmonen (4 pages: +Demon reviews and facts). 5 ACE profiles (Great Coasters International Inc. team: Clair Hain, Jeff Pike, Chris M. Gray, Michael L. Boodley, and Robbin Finnerty). [Front cover: Dollywood’s “Thunderhead.” Back cover: Clementon Lake Park’s “Tsunami”]. [visit ACE]