ACE089[Magazine Vol.25/No.3: Spring 2004. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Whippet Snippets (Terrence L. Lind joins the RollerCoaster! team). AstroWorld – portrait of an industry (a 12-page feature: the beginning years, the Six Flags touch, relocation, 35th anniversary, looking ahead +the major rides and attractions). AstroWorld’s Texas Cyclone – a stormy history (2 pages). Part I – Japan tour 2003 (12 pages: Hirakata Park, Porto Europa, Rinku Park, Expoland, Enakyo Wonderland, Misaki Park, Tobu Zoo, Tokyo Palette Town Area, La Qua (Tokyo Dome City), and Fuji-Q Highland). Part II – Japan tour 2003 (6 pages: Universal Studios, Kurashiki Tivoli, Monkey Park, Adventure World, Higashiyama Zoo, Sky Garden, and Fruit and Flower Park). Parc Belmont / Belmont Park (a 6-page feature: remembering Montréal’s lost park +the site today). Thorpe Park’s Nemesis Inferno (a 4-page review +facts). 3 ACE profiles. [Front cover: AstroWorld’s “Texas Cyclone.” Back cover: Parc Belmont / Belmont Park’s “Le Cyclone”]. [visit ACE]