ACE081[Magazine Vol.23/No.3: Spring 2002. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Texas State Fair Park’s “Comet”. No Limits (5 pages: virtual roller coasters). Fuji-Q Highlands’ Dodonpa (3 pages). Marshall Hall Amusement Park 1876–1978 (6 pages about Maryland’s lost park). Discovery World’s Gravity Max (3 pages: Taiwan’s tilt coaster review +facts). Part I – Scandinavian coasters (8 pages: Tivoli Gardens, Bakken, Bonbon-Land, and Liseberg). Bartlett’s Flying Turns (8 pages: Arrow’s 1979 Flying Turns-style prototype, +“Flying Turns” at Chicago’s Century of Progress, Euclid Beach Park, Lakeside Park, Fyn’s Tivoli, Steeplechase Park, Riverview Park, and “Bobsleds” at Palisades Park, Coney Island, The Great Escape, etc.). Small parks of southern California (4 pages: Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom, Scandia Fun Center, Upland Family Fun Center, +a focus on Castle Park). Thailand’s roller coasters (7 pages: Dream World, Siam Park City, Yoyo Land, Leoland, +now closed Magic Land). [Front cover: Fuji-Q Highlands’ “Dodonpa.” Back cover: Discovery World’s “Gravity Max”]. [visit ACE]