ACE077[Magazine Vol.22/No.3: Spring 2001. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. Head to head (7 pages: comparing the roller coasters of Six Flags Magic Mountain and Cedar Point). The Scenic Railway – a vanishing breed (14 pages: +the “Scenic Railway” at Melbourne Luna Park, “Rutschebanen” at Tivoli Gardens, “Rutschebanen” at Bakken, “Vuoristorata” at Linnanmäki, “Hochschaubahn” at Prater Park, “Hullámvasút” at Vidám Park, “Montaña Suiza” at Monte Egueldo, “Scenic Railway” at Dreamland Margate, and “Roller Coaster” at Great Yarmouth). Nagashima Spaland’s Steel Dragon 2000 (4 pages: D.H. Morgan’s monster!, higher – faster – longer, 3 in 1, withstanding typhoons and earthquakes). Memories of Pennsylvania’s Mount Gretna Park (4 pages: 1883 to 1940s, +Kauffman’s Park). Korean roller coasters (13 pages: Children’s Grand Park, Jayu Land, Kwangju Family Land, Everland, Korean Folk Village +Lotte World is now closed). [Front cover: Great Yarmouth’s “Roller Coaster” scenic railway. Back cover: Children’s Grand Park’s “88 Train”]. [visit ACE]