ACE076[Magazine Vol.22/No.2: Winter 2001. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Paramount’s Kings Island’s Son of Beast (8 pages: +a review and facts). Son of Beast = problem child (3 pages: growing pains and downtime). Six Flags Ohio’s Villain (4 pages: +Batman Knight Flight, Road Runner Express, and Superman Ultimate Escape facts). Photo Contest winners (2 pages). Coaster Con XXIII (10 pages: ACE visit Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, and Paramount’s Kings Island). “ACE – Guide To Ride 2000” (order form for the newly published book). Holiday World’s Legend (5 pages: the park, the Legend, the experience +coaster facts). South Africa’s roller coasters (8 pages: Ratanga Junction = “Cobra,” “Bushwhacker” and “Diamond Devil Run.” Gold Reef City = “Anaconda” and “Golden Loop” +other rides). This issue includes two full-page Coaster Con XXIII group photos, and an ACE Day group photo. [Front cover: Holiday World’s “Legend.” Back cover: An aerial view of Paramount’s Kings Island’s “Son of Beast”]. [visit ACE]