ACE073[Magazine Vol.21/No.3: Spring 2000. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Whippet Snippets (farewell to the fun factor?). The Riverside Park >> Six Flags New England metamorphosis (11 pages: a history from the 1880s to 2000). Florida’s latest thrills (5 pages: Islands of Adventure’s “Dueling Dragons” and “Incredible Hulk,” and Busch Gardens’ “Gwazi”). Off the ridden track in Japan (13 pages: Itozu Yuen, Space World, Rakutenchi, Kijima Resort, Washuzan Highland, Nara Dreamland, Skyland Ikoma, Ayameike Park, Nagashima Spaland, Kobe Portopialand, Festival Gate, Toshimaen, Yomiuriland, Korakuen, Yokohama Cosmo World, Yokohama Joypolis, Yokohama Dreamland, Fujikyu Highland, Tokyo Summerland, etc.). Castles and Coasters’ Desert Storm (4 pages +facts). Philadelphia’s Woodside Park (6 pages: 1800s to 1955, +Figure Eight Whizzer, The Hummer, Mountain Scenic, Whirlwind Coaster, Tornado, Wildcat, etc.). The virtual coaster (4 pages: Chris Lusk’s “Labyrinthe” AutoCAD creation). [Front cover: Castles and Coasters’ “Desert Storm.” Back cover: Six Flags New England’s “Cyclone”]. [visit ACE]