ACE071[Magazine Vol.21/No.1: Fall 1999. 22x28cm – 56 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Carowinds’ Top Gun – The Jet Coaster (5-page review +facts). Martin’s Fantasy Island’s Silver Comet (3-page review). Silverwood’s Tremors (3-page review). Six Flags Darien Lake’s Superman – Ride of Steel (6-page review +facts). Knoebels’ Twister (an 11-page feature +opinions and facts). A special place called Knoebels (4 pages: Pennsylvania’s hometown park). Six Flags Great America’s Raging Bull (4-page review +facts). Busch Gardens’ Apollo’s Chariot (4-page review +facts). Remembering Elitch Gardens’ Mister Twister (4 pages +facts). Six Flags Marine World’s Roar (5-page review +facts). Modeller’s corner – the Crystal Beach “Cyclone” (3 pages: Nick C. Powell has reproduced the Harry Traver classic in miniature). [Front cover: Knoebels’ “Twister” helix. Back cover: An aerial view of Old Elitch Gardens’ “Mr Twister”]. [visit ACE]