ACE067[Magazine Vol.20/No.1: Fall 1998. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The roller coasters of Michigan’s Adventure (3 pages). Michigan’s Adventures’ Shivering Timbers (5 pages: +a review and facts). Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Riddler’s Revenge (3 pages: +a review and facts). Hersheypark’s Great Bear (4 pages: +a review and facts). Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom’s Twisted Sisters (4 pages: +a review and facts). Adventure World’s Roar (3 pages: +a review and facts). Part 2 – Ohio’s lost parks and coasters (4 pages: Lake Side (Dayton), Luna Park (Cleveland), Luna Park (Mansfield), Meyers Lake Park, Put-In-Bay, Silver Lake, Russell’s Point). The Great Escape’s Alpine Bobsled (2 pages). Funtown USA’s Excalibur (7 pages: two reviews +facts). Worlds of Fun’s Mamba (4 pages: construction and testing +facts). Visionland’s Rampage (5 pages: construction, media day, opening +facts). [Front cover: Funtown USA’s “Excalibur.” Back cover: Visionland’s “Rampage”]. [visit ACE]