ACE065[Magazine Vol.19/No.3: Spring 1998. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Whippet Snippets (Tom Rhodes remembers Rexford Park). Roller coaster quiz (6 pages: 102 questions +answers). Wildwood’s Jack Rabbit / Screem Machine 1919-1984 (4 pages: New Jersey’s legendary coaster +facts). Pennsylvania’s lost parks and coasters (5 pages: Memorial Park, Hanson’s Park, Edgewood Park, Rocky Glen Park, West View Park, Willow Grove Park +24 others). Lakeview Park (a 2-page remembrance). Japan’s parks and coasters (10 pages: Yomiuriland, Nagashima Spaland, Expoland, Central Park, Space World, Kijima Korakuen, Nasu Highland Park +a review of Fujikyu Highland’s Fujiyama). Part 2: The 1977 World Roller Coaster Riding Endurance Record Championship Marathon (11 pages: conclusion to the 101-hour Rebel Yell event). John Hunt’s coaster models (3 pages). Photo spot (Anton Schwarzkopf’s Thriller). Members’ letters and opinions. 3 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Fujikyu Highland’s “Fujiyama.” Back cover: Paul Greenwald riding “Rebel Yell” during the 1977 marathon]. [visit ACE]