ACE064[Magazine Vol.19/No.2: Winter 1998. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The Coney Island Cyclone marathon (4 pages: a first-person perspective by Bill Galvin). The Whirl ‘Till You Hurl Marathon (4 pages: Belmont Park’s 1997 Giant Dipper event). ACE – the first twenty years (6 pages: a personal perspective from Bob Hooley +Coaster Cons I–XX details). The 1977 Rebel Yell marathon (7 pages: the Kings Dominion event that kick-started ACE). The hitch to getting hitched (3 pages: renewing wedding vows on Outer Limits – Flight of Fear). Part 1: The 1977 World Roller Coaster Riding Endurance Record Championship Marathon (7 pages: a prelude to the American Coaster Enthusiasts –the 101-hour Rebel Yell event). Kings Dominion’s Shockwave (2 pages). Photo Contest winners (2 pages). Seabreeze – 110 years of coasting (a 6-page feature). 4 ACE profiles. This issue includes two full-page Coaster Con XX group photos. [Front cover: Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s “Alpengeist.” Back cover: Coney Island’s “Cyclone”]. [visit ACE]