ACE058[Magazine Vol.17/No.4: Summer 1996. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Whippet Snippets (Lisa Scheinin steps down). A birthday at Euclid Beach Park (4 pages: an August 1969 visit). Coasting in Columbia (2 pages: Bogotá’s Parque El Salitra). Disney Interactive’s PC “Coaster” game (3 pages). Margate’s Scenic Railway (2 pages). CyberCoasting (7 pages: roller coaster-related computing +websites, etc.). Master designer John Allen (a 6-page tribute). Wacky early coasters (7 pages: Whirl-Fly, Cannon Coaster, Leap-the-Gap, The Trolley Jumper, Cyclone Bowl, Mystic Screw, Ding-Dong Coaster, Slurpee Railway, etc.). Part 2 – Wooden coaster construction (a 6-page feature). 1996 International Year of the Roller Coaster (7 pages of coaster photos). [Front cover: tl= Prater Park’s “Hochschaubahn.” tr= Hong Kong Ocean Park’s “Dragon.” bl= Hakkeijima Sea Paradise’s “Surf Coaster.” br= Vidám Park’s “Hullámvasút.” Back cover: Aerial view of Kajima Resort’s “Jupiter”]. [visit ACE]