ACE054[Magazine Vol.16/No.4: Summer 1995. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. Looping for 100 years (6 pages: +the Corkscrews enter third decade, Evolution of the Revolution, Going loopy for loops, Werner Stengel, Karl Bacon, Edgar Morgan, Anton Schwarzkopf, Ron Toomer, etc.). Survival of the fittest (7 pages: the battle between West View Park and Kennywood). Twice scared (3 pages: Salisbury Beach’s Wildcat and Williams Grove’s Cyclone). The 1994 ACEcar Awards (5 pages: Oscars/academy awards for roller coasters). The Kursaal (2 pages: England’s lost park). The Revere Beach Cyclone remembered (5 pages). A guide to Japan’s parks and coasters (9 pages: Hanayashiki Park, Korakuen Park, Portopialand, Expoland, Fujikyu Highland, Yomiuriland, Toshimaen Park, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Summerland, Seibuen, Kijima Resort). Roller coasters! (4 pages of members’ photos). 4 ACE profiles +full-page 1995 Preservation Conference group photo. [Front cover: Paramount Canada’s Wonderland’s “Top Gun.” Back cover: Kennywood’s “Thunderbolt”]. [visit ACE]