ACE053[Magazine Vol.16/No.3: Spring 1995. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Whippet Snippets (Lisa Scheinin talks about preservation). Members’ letters and opinions. Part 2 – Big UK tour ’94 (7 pages: +Lightwater Valley, Camelot, Pleasureland Southport, and Alton Towers). Bill Cobb’s roller coasters (5 pages: William L. Cobb tribute +his coasters 1947-1991). Germany’s early coasters (3 pages: past amusement parks, Alpen Flug, Meteor, Turmbahn, 1952 Doppellooping, etc.). Downed coasters – lost parks (5 pages: Idora Park’s “Wildcat” and “Jack Rabbit,” Coney Island’s “Thunderbolt,” Lincoln Park’s “Comet,” Pinecrest’s kiddie steelie, Lakemont Park’s “Leap The Dips,” Willow Mill’s “Red Streaker” and Rocky Glen’s “Mighty Lightnin’”). Boblo Island – gone but not forgotten (3 pages). Kentucky Kingdom’s Thunder Run (7 pages of opinions). Hershey Park’s Comet (3 pages). Preservation – Sigh-clones! (3 pages: the cloning of classic roller coasters). Roller coasters! (3 pages of members’ photos). 4 full-page 1994 group photos. [Front cover: Coney Island’s “Cyclone.” Back cover: Alton Towers’ “Nemesis”]. [visit ACE]