ACE051[Magazine Vol.16/No.1: Fall 1994. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Whippet Snippets (Lisa Scheinin takes the reins). Year of the Roller Coaster (7 pages: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “Pepsi Max Big One” +vertical reality, Alton Towers’ “Nemesis” +an alien comes to town, and Drayton Manor Park’s “7 Up Shockwave” +riding the 7 Up Shockwave). Buffalo Bill’s Desperado (6 pages: +facts). Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Batman (3 pages: +facts). Rebirth of the Comet (7 pages: Crystal Beach Park’s Comet is resurrected at The Great Escape +Charles R. Wood = father of theme parks). The Great Escape’s Comet (1 page: the roller coaster’s advanced control system). A history and tour of The Great Escape Fun Park (3 pages). Indiana Beach’s Hoosier Hurricane (5 pages +facts). Paramount’s Hurlers (Paramount’s Carowinds and Paramount’s Kings Dominion’s new Hurler coasters +facts). Cedar Point’s Raptor (4 pages +facts). Coaster potpourri (3 pages). [Front cover: The Great Escape’s “Comet.” Back cover: Buffalo Bill’s “Desperado”]. [visit ACE]