ACE045[Magazine Vol.14/No.5: Summer 1993. 22x28cm – 64 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. Robert Cartmell (4 pages: ACE’s historian talks about ACE and coasters +Top Ten historic coasters). In the beginning… (5 pages: ACE’s founders and original members discuss the Club’s founding and development). Life on the fast track (20 pages: detailing the events leading up to ACE’s founding and the first 15 years +Coaster Cons 1-15, ACE Officers 1979-1993, ACE membership-graph, and ACE events 1978-1992). Growing up with ACE (by original member Scott Rutherford). ACE’s presidential SUCCESSion (3 pages of interviews with Liucija Ambrosini [1982-1986], Randy Geisler [1986-1990], and Ray Ueberroth [1990-present]). Preservation – “Riverside Cyclone rated No.1…” (a 3-page feature). Ups and downs – the roller coasters of North America 1978 to 1993 (a 9-page feature). An unofficial history of ACE’s flagship publication (4 pages: “Coaster World #1” to “RollerCoaster! #40”). [Front cover: The Lakeside “Shooting Star” in 1986. Back cover: Idora Park’s “Wildcat” in 1983]. [visit ACE]