ACE044[Magazine Vol.14/No.3: Spring 1993. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Whippet Snippets (Nancy McGrath learns about Harry Traver and Fred Church). Members’ letters and opinions. Kansas’ Joyland Park and its classic coasters (4 pages: +Joyland’s other rides and attractions). Frederick A. Church (6 pages: detailing the formative years of Fred Church’s designing career). Fred Church – roller coaster artist (3 pages: Fred Church’s coasters from an architectural and artistic perspective). England’s Belle Vue Park – the story of a lost thoroughbred (6 pages: +Belle Vue’s first coaster, Scenic Railway, The Bobs, Publicity ploys +Vance Tutton’s 1967 “Bobs” marathon, Happy years, Memorable rides, Years of decline, From sublime to ridiculous, In Memoriam). The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and San Diego Giant Dippers (7 pages of opinions). The Coney Island Tornado (6 pages). Massachusetts’ Revere Beach Cyclone (3 pages). A tale of two Little Dippers (2 pages: Kiddieland (Illinois) and Hillcrest Park (Illinois). 3 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s “Giant Dipper.” Back cover: The Coney Island “Tornado” snow covered and in disrepair]. [visit ACE]