ACE041[Magazine Vol.13/No.5: Summer 1992. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Whippet Snippets (RollerCoaster! magazine is dear to Meg Keehan’s heart). Members’ letters and opinions +“Twisted Obsession” VHSs for sale. 4 ACE profiles. Coasters and sports (5 pages: matching roller coasters to the sports they most resemble). Oakland California’s Idora Park (3 pages: a history 1903-1928). Cedar Point – a century of roller coasters (5 pages). Meet me in St Louis (3 pages: +Westlake Park, Holiday Hill, Chain of Rocks, and Forest Park Highlands). Six Flags Over Texas’ “Texas Giant” opinions (5 pages). My life as a sandbag (3 pages: working at Worlds of Fun). Putting the theme into coasters (4 pages: R&R Creative Amusement Design). What colour is your coaster? (3 pages: Baynum Painting, Inc. – large-scale painters). A roller coaster bestiary (3 pages: roller coasters with animal names). How I found ACE (6 pages: how members discovered the American Coaster Enthusiasts). [Front cover: Kentucky Kingdom’s “Thunder Run.” Back cover: Aerial view of Cedar Point’s “Mean Streak”]. [visit ACE]