ACE036[Magazine Vol.12/No.2: Spring 1991. 22x28cm – 40 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Meet the team (editor’s gallery). Members’ letters and opinions. J’s Amusements (3 pages: California’s “Mad Mouse” and “The Devil’s Coach” roller coasters). RollerCoaster! article submissions (guidelines for contributors). The ups and downs of Belmont Park (3-page history). 3 August 1990 = a night to remember (4 pages: Belmont Park’s restored “Giant Dipper” test-runs). Germany’s travelling roller coasters (4 pages). The roller coasters of Anton Schwarzkopf (3 pages: +Anton Schwarzkopf interview). Riding the “Red Flash” (fiction). What every ACEer should know (2 pages). Killing time waiting in-line (2 pages of fun). “Gee, it’s so… um, er, coaster-like!” (tips on providing TV/radio soundbites). Coasters in movies – part II (4 pages: Funland, KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Rollercoaster, The Sting II, Sudden Impact, etc.). Dorney Park’s “Hercules” opinions (3 pages). Destination Blackpool (travel tips). [Front cover: Lagoon’s “Colossus – The Fire Dragon” (insert= Herr Achterbahn, Mr. Anton Schwarzkopf). Back cover: Belmont Park’s recently re-opened “Giant Dipper”]. [visit ACE]