ACE035[Magazine Vol.12/No.1: Winter 1991. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many colour and B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions +New Mexico’s coaster! 3 ACE profiles. Texas Giant – an ungentle giant (6 pages: is coaster brutality for everyone?). Coaster Con XIII (5 pages: ACE visits Six Flags Over Texas and Wonderland Park). Darien Lake Park’s “Predator” (7-page report +facts). Simulated thrills and the wide-screen cinema (2 pages: This Is Cinerama, motion simulators, IMAX films, etc.). Building the Texas Dwarf (4 pages: Joe Orban’s “Texas Giant” scale model). Coasters in movies – part I (4 pages: Abbott and Costello in Hollywood, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The Death of Ocean View Park, Fish Hookey, Strike Me Pink, etc.). Libertyland’s Zippin Pippin (3 pages). My favourite steel coaster inversion (3 pages of opinions). National Coaster Day – 25 August 1990 (2 pages: various parks +the “Termite” backyard coaster). Rye Playland’s “Aeroplane” coaster (Walter Strakosch describes his first ride). Photo contest winners. 1990 Coaster Con group photos. [Front cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ “Texas Giant.” Back cover: Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Great American Scream Machine” at night]. [visit ACE]