ACE034[Magazine Vol.11/No.4: Fall 1990. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – 18 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The role of rollers (under-train mechanics explained). Members’ letters and opinions +a Harry Traver-inspired jungle gym. Continental coasting – part II (6-page report from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Pleasureland Southport, Frontierland Morecambe, Camelot, and Lightwater Valley). 3-D coaster art (3 pages: Joel Lionetti’s creations). “Lakemont Park” book review. Mexico’s “La Montaña Rusa” (4 pages). Mexico travel tips. Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Georgia Cyclone” (Park GM Spurgeon Richardson tells all). Georgia Cyclone (3 pages). Georgia Cyclone – worth the wait? Curtis Summers discusses his latest creations. ACE 1990 Spring Con (3 pages). Roller Coaster Rabbit (3 pages: behind-the-scenes of the Roger Rabbit ‘toon). Elitch Gardens’ “Wildcat” lives numbered? (4 pages). Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Viper” (2 pages). 4 ACE profiles. Coaster Chaos (Dave Rockenbaugh’s puzzle). Anton Schwarzkopf’s radical roller coasters (3 pages). Strange French roller coasters (5 pages). [Front cover: Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Georgia Cyclone.” Back cover: Joel Lionetti’s “Playland II” 3-D art]. [visit ACE]