ACE033[Magazine Vol.11/No.3: Summer 1990. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – 14 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Letters and opinions. A Crystal Beach Park tribute. Anagram (Dave Rockenbaugh’s puzzle). Big Bang Smurf’s “Anaconda” review (3 pages). Parc Astérix’s “Goudurix” review (2 pages). Anaconda (Dean Lamanna talks to William L. Cobb). Anaconda opinions. Continental coasting – part I (8-page report from Vidám Park, Prater Park, Big Bang Smurf, Parc Astérix, and the German fairs for Olympia Looping, Thriller, etc.). Magnum XL-200 special effects (2 pages: Terry Collins brings another dimension to Cedar Point’s roller coaster). Bring back the Crystal Beach Cyclone… really? The 1989 Summer Con (5 pages: ACE visits Valleyfair! and Arnolds Park). 3 ACE profiles. The Arnolds Park rehabilitation story (3 pages). Home of the Big Coaster – Arnolds Park. Arnolds Park’s Big Coaster rolls again. Crystal Beach Park’s “Thriller” (4 pages: the side-friction coaster in Vermilion, Ohio). Thank God for Morgan trains (2 pages). A steel roller coaster is just like a VCR (4 pages discussing wooden and steel roller coasters). [Front cover: Arnolds Park’s “Roller Coaster.” Back cover: Arnolds Park’s “Roller Coaster” arch]. [visit ACE]