ACE032[Magazine Vol.11/No.2: Spring 1990. 22x28cm – 32 Pages – 11 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions +Editorial. Book reviews (“Amusement Rides and Devices” by Norman D. Anderson. “Memories of Revere Beach” by Peter McCauley. “Shootin’ the Chutes, Amusement Parks Remembered” by Stephen H. Paschen. “Scenes of Greater Fort Erie” by Cathy A. Herbert and John Burtniak). The Roller Coaster Hotel (4 pages: Harvey Steffke’s humour). 3 ACE profiles. We came, we saw, we coastered (4 pages: Kings Island, Cedar Point, Geauga Lake Park, and Americana). Coaster Con XII (7 pages: Dorney Park, Clementon Lake Park, Great Adventure and Coney Island +photo contest winners). A technological peek behind your coaster ride (5 pages: a look at lift motors, control systems, solid-state proximity switches, etc.). Parker Brothers’ “Roller Coaster” (marble game review). Puritas Springs Park remembered (2 pages). Viking-style coasting (2 pages: Bakken, Tivoli Gardens, Gröna Lund, Mariebergsskogen, Liseberg, and Skara Sommarland). [Front cover: Clementon Lake Park’s “Jack Rabbit.” Back cover: Kings Dominion’s “Rebel Yell”]. [visit ACE]