ACE029[Magazine Vol.10/No.3: Summer 1989. 22x28cm – 44 Pages – 10 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Opinions of Virginia’s “Grizzly” and “Big Bad Wolf” (3 pages). 3 ACE profiles. Members’ letters and opinions +“Paragon Park’s “Giant” belongs back home” (Patriot Ledger article). Phantasialand’s “Space Center” launched (2 pages). Jack Kaster – America’s forgotten roller coaster designer (5 pages). Dorney Park’s “Coaster” is 66 years old… (7 pages: the coaster’s history +its new name “Thunderhawk”). 3 – A primer on roller coaster dynamics (6 pages of engineering and physics). “Mrs. Petro and the Silver Flash” (4 pages: ‘Side Fiction’ by Helen Mayne). Summer Con ’88 (5 pages: the Grand Strand’s “Swamp Fox” and North Myrtle Beach’s “Pipeline Express”). Boulevard Landmarks (Peter McCauley – book review). Preservation notes – beware of imitations (Tom Halterman discusses wood/steel track + wood/steel structured hybrid coasters). Coaster Con XI photo contest winners (3 pages). [Front cover: Dorney Park’s newly christened “Thunderhawk” (left), with Alfundo (right). Back cover: Crystal Beach Park’s “Comet” at twilight]. [visit ACE]