ACE028[Magazine Vol.10/No.2: Spring 1989. 22x28cm – 28 Pages – 4 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Ghost Town in the Sky’s “Red Devil” (2 pages). R.B. Coburn interview (2 pages: Ghost Town in the Sky’s president discusses the “Red Devil” +Chuck Dillon, O.D Hopkins’ field superintendent, talks about the ride’s construction). 3 ACE profiles +book review. Members’ letters and opinions. Massachusetts’ Riverside Park – a new approach to safety. Classified ads. The roller coasters of New Zealand (3 pages: +Footrot Flats, Rainbow’s End, and the “Runaway Mine Coaster” a non-looping shuttle loop!). Article index (4 pages: a list of RollerCoaster! articles vol.1 to vol.9). Coaster Con XI (3 pages: ACE visits Geauga Lake Park, Cedar Point, and Boblo Island). Coaster Con diary (2 pages). Hullámvasút-ing in Budapest (2-page report from Vidám Park). Ninja note. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Ninja” becomes reality (3 pages: Joe Schillaci and Ron Toomer talk about the coaster +facts). Includes a 4-page news insert (+Lincoln Park closes suddenly, Boblo Island’s new coaster, etc.). [Front cover: Ghost Town in the Sky’s “Red Devil.” Back cover: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Ninja”]. [visit ACE]