ACE027[Magazine Vol.10/No.1: Winter 1989. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – 8 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The “Bobs” Story (3 pages: Geauga Lake Park’s Jim Meikle talks about the Raging Wolf Bobs). Members’ letters and opinions +new books. 1988= a double dose of Dinn (Charles Dinn discusses his newest creations). Rebirth of a great one (Raging Wolf Bobs’ Chicago Connection). The Wolverine Wildcat in retrospect (4 pages: the construction and opening of Michigan Adventure’s roller coaster). Opinions – significant happenings during ACE’s ten years. Ten key events during ACE’s first decade (3 pages). The preservationist (Tom Halterman on the media’s representation of ‘facts’). ACE’s tenth anniversary party at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens +a Loch Ness Monster marathon (6 pages). Early Russian ice slides (3 pages). Confessions from a retired roller coaster expert (3 pages: by Gary Kyriazi). 2 – A primer on roller coaster dynamics (6 pages of engineering and physics). ACE’s tour of Japan (4 pages). Japan’s world-class coasters (4 pages). [Front cover: Geauga Lake Park’s “Raging Wolf Bobs.” Back cover: A front seat view from Yomiuriland’s “Bandit”]. [visit ACE]