ACE025[Magazine Vol.9/No.2: Spring 1988. 22x28cm – 40 Pages – 5 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Opinions on Boardwalk and Baseball’s “Hurricane” (2 pages). Members’ letters and opinions. Classified ads. The preservationist – in praise of Coney Island’s Cyclone (2 pages: Tom Halterman also discusses why the Thunderbolt won’t be saved). Schwarzkopf / Intamin’s “Loopen” is the terror of Taiwan (2 pages: report from Katoli’s World). Maintaining Le Monstre (6 pages: La Ronde’s ride inspection procedure). The first ACE conference (4 pages: Robert Cartmell’s personal remembrances +details from 1978). Lagoon Amusement Park and Pioneer Village (4 pages +Arrow Dynamics’ factory demonstrate their new Virginia Reel). 5 ACE profiles (the Api family). IAAPA ’88 reports (2 pages). Lost roller coasters of the Niagara Frontier (2 pages: +Athletic Park, Crystal Beach Park, and Frontier Amusement Park). Opinions on Six Flags Over Texas’ “Shock Wave.” [Front cover: La Ronde’s “Le Monstre.” Back cover: The double loops of Six Flags Over Texas’ “Shock Wave”]. [visit ACE]