ACE023[Magazine Vol.8/No.3&4: Fall/Winter 1987. 22x28cm – 64 Pages – 8 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The coasters of Coaster Con 10 (4 pages = Six Flags Magic Mountain, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Belmont Park and Great America). Merchandise – Idora Park’s “Wild Cat” blueprint set. Members’ letters and opinions. Coasters lost/built since the 1983 ACE Census (table). Classified ads. Coaster Con 10 reports (22 pages +David Escalante’s “Silver Streak” roller coaster model, Kim Pederson’s “Marble Mountain” model, plus members’ coaster reviews, etc.). Nightrides – Mission Beach’s Earthquake / Giant Dipper rumbles (2 pages). 5 ACE profiles. Bob Minick interview – a lifetime in the thrill zone (6 pages). “Lisebergbanan” opens at Liseberg – Anton Schwarzkopf attends (3 pages). Exit the Atom Smasher – a sad tradition continues (7 pages: the demolishing of Rockaways’ Playland). Roller coaster weddings (4 pages by Rev. Cliff Herring). The lost coasters of California (4 pages of photos). Coaster Con 10 photo contest winners (2 pages). [Front and back covers: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Colossus” at sunset]. [visit ACE]