ACE022[Magazine Vol.8/No.2: Summer 1987. 22x28cm – 52 Pages – 16 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Kings Island’s “Vortex” and Cedar Point’s “Iron Dragon” opinions (5 pages). Kings Island spring conference (5 pages: Steven A. Elliott describes his first ACE conference). Bill Hughes celebrates his 100th ride on Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Grand National. Iron Dragon review (4 pages). Ron Toomer – Vortex and Iron Dragon’s designer tells all (4 pages). Cedar Point’s colourful history (4 pages). 4 ACE profiles. Editorial. Australia’s and New Zealand’s roller coasters (4 pages). Can ACE membership provoke sensory overload? (2 pages). Preservation notes (2 pages: Tom Halterman talks about the Crystal Beach “Comet.”) Lone Star Rat (2 pages: Paul Young buys a 1960 Schiff Wild Mouse). Reflections of Coaster Con IX (6 pages: ACE visited Six Flags Over Georgia and Lake Winnepesaukah). Ohio is roller coaster country (4 pages). Photo contest winners (4 pages). [Front cover: Kings Island’s “Vortex” [left], and Cedar Point’s “Iron Dragon” [right]. Back cover: Kings Island’s “Racer”]. [visit ACE]