ACE021[Magazine Vol.7/No.3&4: Winter/Spring 1986/87. 22x28cm – 64 Pages – 7 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: “Improve the Cyclone? Modify the Loch Ness Monster?” (7 pages of opinions). Members’ letters and suggestions. Editorial. Classified ads. The roller coasters of Fred Pearce (4 pages). The ACE book of lists (7 pages: fact, fiction and whimsy). “Coasting British Columbia…” (6 pages: Puyallup Fair, Bell’s, Oaks Park, etc.). The coaster guardian – Tom Halterman (ACE preservation director). Roller coaster renaissance (3 pages). Kings Dominion’s stand-up Shockwave (2 pages). Dorney Park’s Colossus (4 pages). IAAPA ’86 (3 page report). 8 ACE profiles. Coasters on rollers (the history of Artificial Sliding Hills and Artificial Coasting Courses). The Thriller (5 pages: the debut of Oscar Bruch’s new transportable roller coaster). The Mission Beach Giant Dipper – past, present and future (9 pages +Save-the-Coaster Committee). Looking back at the ‘New Dips’ Roller Coaster at Winnipeg Beach (3 pages). Camden Park’s Big Dipper (2 pages). [Front cover: The Mission Beach “Giant Dipper” in 1972. Back cover: The “Giant Dipper” prior to restoration by the Save-the-Coaster Committee]. [visit ACE]