ACE020[Magazine Vol.7/No.2: 1986. 22x28cm – 44 Pages – 11 Colour, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Paragon Park’s “Giant Coaster” reborn as “Wild One” at Wild World in Maryland (a 6-page pictorial appreciation). A letter from the ACE president (Randy Geisler). So you want to design roller coasters? (1 page: by John F. Pierce from William Cobb Associates, Inc.). 7 ACE profiles. “Walking the track” – personal opinions concerning the amusement park business (Randy Geisler). “A practical approach for reprofiling roller coasters” (7 pages). Chemin Du Centrifuge (6 pages: the history of looping the loop, from 1846­ to the present). ACE 1986 Kennywood conference (4 pages). Writing for RollerCoaster! (guidelines for submitting articles). Lake Compounce – land of memories, land of dreams (a comprehensive 8-page history of the park and its roller coasters). [Front cover: Compare Paragon Park’s “Giant Coaster” [left] and Wild World’s “Wild One” [right]. Back cover: “Wild One” illuminated at night]. [visit ACE]