DVD_RollerCoaster1999[DVD: Rollercoaster Productions, Inc. – 1999 – 87 mins]. Five troubled teenagers choose a bankrupt amusement park to pursue a dark fantasy. The angst-ridden youths exact revenge on the security guard and lock him into a Chance Zipper ride and subject him to an extended spin…! They enjoy exploring and riding the attractions, but their gaiety is short-lived, however. In their midst, a darker purpose lurks: a suicide pact confronts them with a choice between death and their tortured lives. ANDY SHINE SAYS: The entire movie is set at defunct “Vancouver WonderWorld” (in fact, still operating Playland in Vancouver, Canada). Many rides are featured, including the Wild Mouse, Corkscrew, and a precarious track-walk of the woodie. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.