ACE018[Magazine Vol.6/No.3: 1985. 22x28cm – 40 Pages – Colour cover, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Six Flags AstroWorld’s “Texas Cyclone” opinions (8 pages). Letters, opinions and suggestions. “Walking the track” – personal opinions concerning roller coaster enthusiasm (Randy Geisler). Classified ads. Editorial. 12 ACE profiles. Preservation notes – George Siessel. Palisades Park – “Lake Placid Bobsled” 1937-1946 (3 pages of photos from the Craig Casten collection). Euclid Beach Park – “Flying Turns” 1930-1969 (2 pages of photos from the Craig Casten collection). By the time I get to… Knoebels’ Phoenix (7 page report by Mike Schafer). Charles Dinn interview (half a page). ACE Kings Dominion conference (4 pages of photos and a report from Tim Dagg). See roller coasters in a new way using infrared film (3 pages by Robert Cartmell). ACE day at Boblo (1 page report). [Front and back covers: Six Flags AstroWorld’s “Texas Cyclone”]. [visit ACE]