ACE015[Magazine Vol.5/No.3: Summer 1984. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Back issues are available. Opinions and suggestions. Classified ads. A gallery of coaster cars (4 pages). Preservation notes – George Siessel. Recollections of the Long Beach “Cyclone Racer” (3 pages). Centennial series part 2 – “The roller coaster debuts at the novel amusement park” (6 pages: Renee O’Connell). Conference III coverage (photos, comments, poems, etc.). Dream coasters – Randy Geisler. The Canadian National Exhibition Flyer +CNE Flyer model. Roller coasters in miniature (Michael Horwood’s “Mighty Hurricane” and Paul Greenwald’s “Great White Wonder” models). 15 ACE profiles. Unusual roller coasters (+Flying Turns, whoopee track, third railers, enclosed tunnel coasters, electric suspended airplane coasters, revolving tub coasters, Saltair reverser, portable coasters). Cedar Point “Blue Streak” 20th birthday bash. [Front cover: Aerial view of Long Beach’s “Cyclone Racer.” Back cover: Cedar Point’s “Blue Streak” +opinions]. [visit ACE]