ACE014[Magazine Vol.5/No.2: Spring 1984. 22x28cm – 56 Pages – Colour cover, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lakemont Park’s “Leap the Dips” opinions. Members’ opinions and suggestions. 20 great lost roller coasters (4 pages: Robert Cartmell). Preservation notes – George Siessel. Books for sale. Rye Playland’s “Aeroplane” (7 pages by Joe Heflin: +historical perspective, legacy, the ride, the overzealous new insurance company, enter Intamin, Aeroplane rumours). 100 years of little known coaster facts (4 pages). Crystal Beach Park (5 pages). Centennial series part 1 – “The roller coaster’s origins 1872-1890s” (4 pages: Renee O’Connell). John Page interview (4 pages). Bob Cartmell’s coaster drawings. Coney Island’s unusual coasters (+Ice Railway, Flip-Flap, Leap-the-Gap, Leap Frog Railway, The Cyclone Bowl Coaster, etc.). 10 ACE profiles. Flying Turns’ history +Intamin’s new Olympic Bobs. Roller coasters on film. Intamin’s triple looper (model). Photo caption contest. Classified ads. Merchandise. [Front and back covers: Twilight views of the Crystal Beach “Comet”]. [visit ACE]