ACE134[Magazine Vol.36/No.4: Summer 2015. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (by Tim Baldwin). Members’ letters and opinions. The 25th anniversary of the rebirth of Belmont Park’s Giant Dipper (a 21-page personal account by Tim Vaux Cole: +Introduction, A Little Belmont Background, An Era Comes To An End, The Author Gets Involved, The Save The Coaster Committee Is Born, Wait – What Did I Just Hear?, The Shopping Center, Belmont Park Associates vs The Save The Coaster Committee vs The City, Dipper Is Brought Back, Epilogue. The B Brothers, Next Time You Watch Top Gun…). Profile of Wendy Crain (general manager of Belmont Park). Bolliger & Mabillard – a quarter century of roller coaster excellence (a 10-page feature). Coasting in the southern hemisphere (8 pages: New Zealand for Rainbow’s End, and Australia for Luna Park in Sydney, Dreamworld, Warner Bros Movie World, Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World, and Sea World). Rock Springs Park (3 pages about the West Virginia park, 1880s–1970s). 2 ACE members’ profiles (Tim Vaux Cole and Deano Sarantakos). [Front cover: Belmont Park’s “Giant Dipper.” Back cover: Cedar Point’s “Rougarou”]. [visit ACE]