ACE013[Magazine Vol.5/No.1: Winter 1984. 22x28cm – 24 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Merchandise. A note from the editor. Amusement park tickets – their disappearance is our loss (Ed Cowley). “Chain lift at midnight” (a story by Chuck Kuenneth). La Marcus Adna Thompson 1848-1919 (4 pages by Paul Ruben: L.A. Thompson +1984 marks the roller coaster’s centennial, ice slides, Russian mountains, switchback railways, Mauch Chunk, etc.). Kings Island’s King Cobra preview – opening soon. Upcoming ACE/Kings Island special conference details. Can we save San Antonio’s “Rocket”? (4 pages of comments and photos). Movie reviews: Dead Zone and Brainstorm. Coaster Rebus (Harvey Steffke’s pictorial riddles). Boblo Park and the Sky Streek roller coaster hold on. Classified ads. Coaster anacrostic (roller coaster puzzle). ACE finances / statement. [Front and back covers: Various views of Playland’s endangered “Rocket” coaster, located in San Antonio, Texas]. [visit ACE]