ACE123[Magazine Vol.34/No.1: Fall 2012. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Coaster Con XXXV (16 pages: ACE visits Dollywood and Carowinds +presentations, group photos, ride reviews, etc.). Photo Contest winners. Dollywood’s Wild Eagle (5 pages: the beginning – 2007, vendor selection and construction, the ride experience, +facts). Profile of Pete Owens (Dollywood’s media/public relations manager). Trek for the tough credit in Taiwan (10 pages: +E-DA Theme Park, Janfusun Fancyworld, Atayal Resort, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Discovery World, Shan GriLa Paradise, Leofoo Village Theme Park, Window on China Theme Park, Farglory Ocean Park). “Batman The Ride Celebrates 20th Anniversary” (7 pages: a look back at an innovative roller coaster). Roller coaster models (3 pages: Randal Strong-Wallace’s models of Worlds of Fun’s former Funicular / Silly Serpent, Schussboomer, Orient Express, ScreamRoller / EXTreme Roller, and Zambezi Zinger). 3 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Dollywood’s “Wild Eagle.” Back cover: Carowinds’ “Thunder Road”]. [visit ACE]