ACE122[Magazine Vol.33/No.4: Summer 2012. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. “Cedar Point Lighthouse Beckons for 150 Years” (14 pages: Cedar Point’s history from the 1862 Lighthouse to the present). The roller coasters of Cedar Point (2 pages: from 1892’s “Switchback Railway” to 2007’s “Maverick”). Profile of Bryan Edwards (Cedar Point’s marketing progress manager). The Custom Coasters Revolution (11 pages: the rise and fall of Custom Coasters Inc. 1991 to 2002/3). Trek for the tough credit in the United Arab Emirates (12 pages: Sega Republic, Stargate FEC, Space City, Antic’s Land, Adventureland, Wonderland, Al Nasr Leisureland, Madinat Zayed Garden, Sparky’s FEC (x2), Hili Fun City, Chakazoolu Indoor Theme Park, Salmaniya Water Garden, Adhari Park, Saqr Public Park, Global Village, Ferrari World, Foton Fantasia, Marah Land, Sinbad Amusement Centre, and Jungle Bungle). Kings Island’s “Racer” (4 pages: a historical reflection on 40 years). [Front cover: Cedar Point’s midway and “Top Thrill Dragster.” Back cover: Six Flags St. Louis’ “Boss”]. [visit ACE]