ACE111[Magazine Vol.31/No.1: Fall 2009. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Coaster Con XXXII (a 20-page feature: members gather at Silver Dollar City and Worlds of Fun +food, exclusive ride sessions, ride reports, presentations, competitions, etc.). Photo Contest winners (3 full-page photos). Worlds of Fun’s Prowler (5 pages +a review). The Wacky Worm Coasters of Peru (6 pages: La Granja Villa, Coney Park – Plaza San Miguel, Coney Park – Mega Plaza Norte, Adventure Park, Family Park, Villalandia Park is now closed +sightseeing photos). Ti-Monstre / Lil’ Monster (4 pages: Eric Lapointe constructs a backyard roller coaster). Kiddieland 1929-2009 (4 pages: farewell to the Illinois amusement park +Little Dipper and other classic rides). 3 ACE profiles. This issue includes an additional half-page 2009 Coaster Con XXXII group photo. [Front cover: Worlds of Fun’s “Prowler.” Back cover: Silver Dollar City’s “Powder Keg”]. [visit ACE]