ACE109[Magazine Vol.30/No.3: Spring 2009. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Traditional West Texas Parks (an 8-page feature: the delights of Joyland Amusement Park and Wonderland Park). Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. is still rolling (a 9-page feature documenting 105 years of the PTC: including the faces of PTC, and table of 145 PTC-built roller coasters +name, location, year constructed, designer, etc.). Tom Rebbie interview (Q&A with the PTC’s current owner). “Carousel Corner” (2 pages: the carousels of the PTC). PTC Timeline 1904 to 2009 (2 pages: key moments in history). The roller coasters of Shanghai and Beijing (14 pages: Shanghai= Gongqing Senlin Park, Jin Jiang Leyuan, and Space City. Beijing= Beijing Amusement Park, Sun Park, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park, and Happy Valley). Coasting through Bobbejaanland (6 pages). 3 ACE profiles. This issue includes a half-page 2009 Spring Con group photo. [Front cover: RollerCoaster! celebrates PTC’s legacy. Back cover: Wonderland Park’s “Hornet”]. [visit ACE]