ACE105[Magazine Vol.29/No.3: Spring 2008. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is 100 years old (a 14-page feature: +The Casino, Scenic Railway, Giant Dipper, Jet Star, Hurricane coaster, etc.). “Charles Dinn and Curtis Summers – A Brief Resurgence in Wooden Coasters” (a 10-page feature: “Origins” from 1969, >>> “The Final Chapter” up to 1992). 25 years of the Riverside Cyclone (7 pages). “The Riverside Cyclone and Me” (1 page: by Torrence Jenkins). Gröna Lund (6 pages: Kvasten, Vilda Musen, Jetline, and Nyckelpigan, with past roller coasters: Radar, Jet Star II, and Roller Coaster, including other main attractions). “I was a Great Coasters International Inc. intern” (4 pages: Adam House joins the train construction team). 4 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s “Giant Dipper.” Back cover: Riverside’s “Cyclone”]. [visit ACE]