ACE103[Magazine Vol.29/No.1: Fall 2007. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Coaster Con XXX (12 pages: ACE visits Paramount’s Kings Island, Stricker’s Grove, Holiday World, Beech Bend, Cincinnati Mills’ Wonderpark and Cincinnati’s Coney Island, +behind the scenes tours, presentations, ride reports, exclusive ride sessions, etc.). Coaster Con XXX scrapbook (4 pages: 50+ photos). Photo Contest winners (2 pages). 1907-2007 – the roller coasters of Hersheypark (an 8-page feature +other notable rides). The roller coasters of Valleyfair! (4 pages: from 1976’s “High Roller” to 2007’s “Renegade”). Valleyfair!’s Renegade (3 pages). Jeff Pike interview (GCII designer answers questions about Renegade). Finland’s PowerPark / PowerLand (a 6-page feature: the main attractions +Thunderbird). 4 ACE profiles. This issue includes 5 half-page Coaster Con XXX group photos. [Front cover: Valleyfair!’s “Renegade.” Back cover: Stricker’s Grove’s “Tornado”]. [visit ACE]