DVD_RCRaw1[DVD: Robb Alvey / Theme Park Review – 2007 – 100 mins]. (1 of 9). Disk 1/The Woodies (50 mins): Boardwalk Bullet (Kemah Boardwalk); Kentucky Rumbler (Beech Bend); El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure); Avalanche (Timber Falls); Balder (Liseberg); Troy (Toverland); Hades (Mt. Olympus); Falken (Fårup Sommerland); Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain (Indiana Beach); Renegade (Valleyfair!); Starliner (Cypress Gardens); Thunder Coaster (TusenFryd); The Voyage (Holiday World); Meteor (Little Amerricka); Thunderbird (PowerPark). Disk 2/The Steelies (50 mins): Maverick (Cedar Point); Abismo (Parque de Atracciones); Zaturn (Space World); Superman – la Atracción de Acero (Parque Warner Madrid); Furius Baco (PortAventura); Phaethon (Kyungju World); SheiKra (Busch Gardens Africa); Eejanaika (Fuji-Q Highland); Hollywood Dream (Universal Studios, Japan); Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure); Kumali (Flamingo Land); Rita – Queen of Speed (Alton Towers); Speed – No Limits (Oakwood); Kanonen (Liseberg); Tatsu (Six Flags Magic Mountain); Turbulencia (Parque de Atracciones). ANDY SHINE SAYS: A well edited portfolio with on-screen captions. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.