VHS_GoForARide[VHS: Gofar Productions Inc. – 1988 – 30 mins]. Take a front seat on some of the fastest, most daring roller coasters in the United States. Travel to Magic Mountain (Valencia, California) to brave the famous “Colossus,” the largest wooden roller coaster in the country, or “Shock Wave,” a twisting excursion that you’ll experience standing up. Journey to AstroWorld (Houston, Texas) to fly on “The Accelerator,” [“XLR-8”] a one-of-a-kind suspended roller coaster. Also at AstroWorld is the “Texas Cyclone,” a devilish wooden coaster sporting a 92 foot drop. Zoom along “Vortex” at Kings Island (Kings Mills, Ohio) as you’re turned upside down six times! And ride the “Racer,” the first twin-track coaster to travel backwards. Come face-to-face with the suspended coaster, “The Big Bad Wolf” at Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, Virginia) and the 13 storey “Loch Ness Monster.” Ride the “Twister” at Elitch Gardens (Denver, Colorado), a first-rate all-time chiller full of turns and tunnels. ANDY SHINE SAYS: This videocassette is also listed on the RCML as “Go For A Ride.” It’s cringing and corny – not riding roller coasters, but imagining them! ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.